Immigration lawyer in Japan

Immigration lawyer help non-Japanese people who intend to live, work and start business in Japan and also help their international marriage, international divorce, international inheritance and so on.

About Saito Immigration Lawyer Office

Profile of Immigration Lawyer

Saito Shinichiro
Educational Background
1987 Graduated from Senshu University Faculty of law
English, Japanese, Indonesian

【Immigration lawyer : Saito Shinichiro】

Introduction of Office

Skymanor Yokohama 523, Takashima 2-11-2, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, 220-0011, JAPAN
Tel.(Domestic Call)
Tel.(International Call)
3-4 minutes by walk from East exist or South east exit of Yokohama Station.

Pictures of office

Appearance of building
Inside of office
Meeting room

Access (About 3or 4 minutes from the east exit or south east exit of Yokohama station)

From Yokohama Station
You will see the Yokohama Central Post Office at the south east exit of Yokohama station.
From Yokohama Central Post Office
You will see Family Mart and Mizuho Bank in front of the Post office. Please go to the direction for that.
From Family Mart
There is BANLI bridge after you passed over Family Mart. You will see the building of SKYMANOR YOKOHAMA on the MANLI bridge.
From BANLI bridge
There are Seven Eleven and Mos Burger on the ground floor of Syamanor Yokohama. Our office is 5th flower in this building.
Map of the surrounding area