Services for Illegal Stayers

We help to illegal stayers and deported people.

Illegal stayers may be permitted special permission of residence because of marriage to Japanese and so on.

Illegal stayers may leave Japan by departure order.

Deported people may enter into Japan even if they grounds for denial of landing.

Procedures for illegal stayers

Special permission for residence

  • Illegal stayers can get married in Japan.
  • Please ask our office how to get married in Japan.
  • Illegal stayers may be permitted "Special Permission of Residence" if they have gotten married with Japanese national, Permanent Resident or Long Term Resident.
  • We help illegal stayers to be permitted "Special Permission of Residence".

Retrial of entreaty for special permission of residence

  • Illegal stayers who were not permitted the special permission of residence can ask retrial entreaty for the special permission of residence.
  • We help illegal stayers who denied the special permission of residence.

Special permission for loading

  • Non-Japanese people, who meet definition of denial of loading because of their criminal or deportation records, can't entry into Japan.
  • However some of them are permitted to entry into Japan because of special reason.
  • This permission is "Special Permission for Loading".
  • We help them to get the "Special Permission for Loading".

Departure Order

  • Some of illegal stayers can leave Japan on "Departure Order".
  • The "Departure Order" is different from deportation.
  • Illegal stayers who left Japan on the "Departure Order" may entry into Japan after 1 year.
  • We help illegal stayers who would like to leave Japan on the "Departure Order".

Provisional Release

  • Illegal stayers who have been held in a detention house can apply for provisional release to go out the detention house.
  • We help the illegal stayers to apply for the application of provisional release.

Fees for Services for illegal stayers

Services Retainer
Special Permission of Residence 100,000 100,000 200,000
Retrial of entreaty 50,000 50,000 100,000
Special permission for loading 100,000 100,000 200,000
Departure Order 50,000 0 50,000
Provisional Release 50,000 0 50,000
  • The retainer fee is payment to the lawyer, so that lawyer will start to work for you. Please be aware the retainer fee is not refundable.
  • The success fee is payment to the lawyer, so that you have success in getting permission.
  • It shall take extra charges except application for Tokyo regional immigration bureau or Yokohama district immigration office such as transportation charges and daily allowance.