International Legal Affairs

Saito Immigration lawyer office is a specialist for international legal affairs.

The lawyer speak in English and help your legal affairs.

Introduction of services for International Legal Affairs

Temporary Visitor VISA

  • Temporary visitor VISA within 90 days to visit to Japan (Short-term business affairs, Visiting relatives or acquaintances )
  • Application for US VISA

Nationality procedure of Japan

  • Naturalization to acquire Japanese nationality
  • Acquisition of Japanese nationality for acknowledged children
  • Re-acquisition of Japanese nationality for lost Japanese nationality people

Incorporation to set up business in Japan

  • Establishing a Joint-stock Company
  • Establishing a Limited Liability Company
  • Registration branches in Japan for foreign companies

Re-marriage procedure for Philippines people

  • Making certificate of divorce
  • Re-marriage between divorced Filipino and Japanese
  • Immigration procedure for re-marriage Filipino

Making Divorce Agreement

  • Making divorce agreement in English and Japanese
  • Making notarized deed to make sure divorce conditions
  • Translation from Japanese Notarize deed into English

International Inheritance

  • Inheritance procedure for non-Japanese heirs
  • Inheritance of Japanese assets which is existing outside Japan